5 Reasons Twilight Does Not Suck ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons Twilight Does Not Suck ...

I know there will always be skeptics about everything in life. I happen to like Twilight enough to give skeptics 5 reasons Twilight does not suck. Those of you who have read the book and seen the movie know just how good of a storyline this is.

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5 There Isn’t a Lot of Descriptive, Gratuitous Violence

Even the action scenes described play an important part in the storyline, instead of being merely tales of vampires killing humans just for their blood. There isn’t an onslaught of gore and mayhem for the shear fact that the story contains vampires, even though this is what is usually expected of a vampire novel.

4 The Wolves in the Story Aren’t Creepy

I’ve come across werewolves in past stories that were portrayed as mean, gruesome, and just downright creepy creatures. The shape shifters in Twilight are cute guys that turn into big fluffy wolves, not human-like wolf things that are mean all the time.

3 The Main Vampires Are the Good Guys

There are too many novels where vampires get a bad rap for being blood-suckers. The Cullens are such a sweet family and don’t fall into the same category as most of the other vampires in the story. I think having them feed on the blood of animals instead of human blood made a huge impact on readers.

2 It Isn’t a Sappy Love Story

Sure, it’s a love story that takes place between a human and a vampire, but it isn’t all mushy and sappy. It’s nothing like those cheesy romance novels that you can purchase from the thrift store for a dime. There is definitely a lot more to the true love in this series.

1 It’s Not Your Typical Vampire Novel

I’ve read quite a few vampire stories in the past and they always involved stakes to the heart, a fear of garlic, burning sunlight, and the inability to have a reflection in a mirrored surface. The vampires in Twilight are nothing like the typical lot that has been written about for the past decades.

Twilight has to be on of these sagas that will get passed on from one generation to the next and always be adored. Have you read all the books and seen the movies? Did you think anything about this series could have been done better?

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