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With Eclipse being the third installment in the Twilight series, I already knew the characters fairly well. However, there was so much more that it delved into. 5 things I loved about Eclipse are listed below, but don’t read them if you haven’t finished the book. There might be some details you don’t want to find out ahead of time!

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The Engagement

I was thrilled when Bella finally accepted Edward’s proposal to marry him. It seemed she finally came to the conclusion that this was not only what she wanted, but also what should be done. It was one of those human experiences that everyone should get to experience.


Bella Realizes She Loves Jacob Too

When I read this part of the book I immediately thought, “Ah ha!”, because I couldn’t see how Bella could become so close with Jacob in the second book and not feel just a little more than friendship for him. He was completely there for her when Edward left.


The Demise of Victoria

I was getting kind of tired of her popping up and ruining the peace. Seth was an excellent asset during this fight between Victoria and Edward. I thought the entire battle scene between Victoria and Edward, plus Riley and Seth, was very detailed and exciting.


Bella Punching Jacob

Even though this is a typical reaction for a girl to have when a boy plants an unwanted kiss on her, I wasn’t expecting Bella to receive a broken hand from it. I also found it slightly humorous that Jacob had no clue that Bella had punched him or broken her hand.


The Wolves and Vampires Together

Being able to work together to fight seemed to make so much sense. When you have two magnificent forces, such as vampires and werewolves, it seems right to combine them for the ultimate army. They may have still had doubts about one another, but they were able to put them aside and win the battle against Victoria and the newborns.

Hopefully you’ve already read Eclipse and know exactly what I’m referring to in the above descriptions. Were some of these your favorite parts of Eclipse as well? Was there anything specific that you loved about this book?

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