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5 Reasons Girls Love Vampires ...

By Melanie

I have stopped and wondered about vampires. I have wondered what is so sexy about them. What drives us girls crazy for them? Some guys are even crazy for them. Is it the way their teeth stick out? Or is it the attitude they have? Through my storming, I have come up with 5 reasons girls love vampires …

5 They’re Full of Mystery

Vampires are full of mystery. Not only are they full of mystery, but they also date back in the day. They are set back in the old days when it was not rare to find a guy who has manners.

4 They Sparkle

Hey, if you are a vampire from Twilight, then you sparkle! We all know that a lot of girls find the vampires from Twilight hot and are completely in love with them.

3 They’re Strong

One thing that I have always liked about vampires is the fact that they are so strong. Have you ever been around a vampire? In my opinion, they may not look it, but they are much stronger than a werewolf.

2 They’re Unstoppable

Vampires cannot be stopped. Once they have something up their sleeves, they re going to move forward with that plan. Nothing will come in their way, not even a wolf.

1 They’re Bad Boys

We all know that many girls love bad boys, so of course, they are going to love vampires. This makes complete sense.

In my opinion, those are 5 reasons girls love vampires. Of course, you are welcome to your own opinions and if you prefer the wolves, that is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with liking wolves, but you have to watch it when they take a bath – they smell like wet dog. So, tell me why you love vampires so much?

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