5 Reasons to Love Zombies ...


5 Reasons to Love Zombies ...
5 Reasons to Love Zombies ...

Zombies, they are such lovely or not so lovely creatures. They're the walking dead and they are the third best thing! The first best is vampires and the second best is werewolves. Let me tell you 5 reasons to love zombies.

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They Don't Care What People Think

I really look up to zombies. Do you know why? Because they don't give a heck what someone thinks of them. You can sit there and call them all kinds of bad names to their face and they are just going to look at you and try to get through the fence. You can even shoot at them, their feelings are not going to be hurt.


They Don't Care What They Eat

Well, as long as it is meat and blood, they don't seem to care what they eat.


They do Funny Things

Have you ever watched a funny zombie movie? You have to admit, some zombies do funny things.


They Don't Talk

Okay, I know that communication is always the key, but that isn't so with zombies. You see, when you are a zombie, you no longer have that desire to talk. All you would care about is … being destructive?


They Don't Care about Valentine's Day

Oh yes, all of you guys are going to love this one! You want to date a zombie girl. They aren't going to nag you about gifts. They won't even care if you do not get them chocolate for Valentine's Day! Sorry, I just had to include this one as number one – I just couldn't help myself!

Those are 5 reasons to love zombies in my opinion. Zombie movies are fun to watch, but sometimes, I think things are taken overboard with some movies. So, do you love or hate zombies?

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Hahaha ! Nice .... Does thus make me a zombie ?;)

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