5 Things I like about Bella ...


5 Things I like about Bella ...
5 Things I like about Bella ...

WARNING: If you have not read Breaking Dawn, then you should not read this, because there are some spoilers in here. If you have read it to the end, then continue reading this. I am going to give you 5 things I like about Bella …

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She’s a Vampire

Well, for all of you that read Breaking Dawn and if you are reading this right now, I hope you did, otherwise, this is a spoiler, you know that she’s a vampire. That’s right, I like her because she is a vampire.


She’s Clumsy

I think it’s funny how she is so darn clumsy and then when she turns into a vampire, she seems to be the complete opposite of that. I mean, here I was, thinking that when and if she turned into a vampire, she would be clumsy. Well, Bella, you proved me wrong on this one, didn’t you?


She’s Smart

I must say that even though you may not think so, I think that Bella is smart. The things she did may have been dumb, but it seems she had a reason behind it. For example, with the battle with Victoria, when she cut herself and let the blood flow, Victoria may have gotten the best of them if she didn’t do that.


She Makes Good Decisions

Bella always seems to make good decisions and I like that. The decision to carry on with her pregnancy was perfect. If she didn’t do that, then there would have been no Reneesme, then, who would Jacob of imprinted on?


She Has a Vampire as a Husband

Okay, last but not least, she has a vampire husband. Come on, don’t you want her to be your best friend now?

Those are 5 things I like about Bella. Overall, I think she is cool. I wouldn’t mind having her as a best friend at all.

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