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5 Things I like about Jasper ...

By Melanie

Jasper is a truly unusual character, despite the fact that he’s a vampire, which makes him an oddity among humans anyway. There are actually 5 things I like about Jasper, so I decided to share them with you. See if you agree!

5 His Assistance to Emmett

He was very helpful to Emmett when they finally got a hold of James. Surely you’ve read about this part in the series, but just in case you haven’t, I won’t go into detail. Let’s just say Jasper helped Emmet take care of James.

4 He Was the Youngest Major in the Confederate Army

I think this says a lot about his ability as a leader. This definitely made him an excellent candidate for assisting Maria with the newborn armies. Being promoted to major was proof that he was able to persuade others to do what he needed them to do.


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3 His Connection with Alice

They are such a perfect pair together. They compliment one another nicely and add to the dynamics of the Cullen family. Even after all he’d been through before, he was able to leave it all behind when he met Alice.

2 How He Could Live a Life Free of Human Blood

After all he’d been through; I was in awe at how well Jasper was able to resist human blood. Sure, he had a minor slip-up once, but no one was killed. He went from being a major consumer of human blood to a life without any.

1 His Ability to Make People Feel Good

I know so many other vampires in the story had abilities that were much less subtle, but I thought Jasper’s ability was a perfect addition. Being able to completely calm an entire room of people is something that most people wish they could do.

Even though Jasper seemed to stick out from the rest of the Cullens, he was an excellent asset to the storyline. How did you feel about Jasper when you read the Twilight series? What were some traits that intrigued you about him?

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