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Why You Should Be on Team Jacob ...

By Melanie

Many people who have read the Twilight saga have taken sides with either Edward or Jacob. It’s also hard to not bounce back and forth between the two. There are quite a few followers of the series who have devised something known as Team Jacob and are always willing to share why you should be on Team Jacob. I’ve listed four of these reasons below.

1 He Fights for Bella

Women tend to be relatively impressed when a man stands up for her. In the Twilight series, it seems that Jacob has done this numerous times. He also continues to try to win her love or at least be able to spend as much time as possible with her.

2 He Didn’t Leave

This is often a huge reason for those of us on Team Jacob. I’ll have to say, I was surprised at how much it bothered me when Edward left Bella in the woods. I was definitely thrilled when she began spending more time with Jacob.


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3 He Has a Heart

The fact that Jacob is a living werewolf and not a heartless statue tends to cause plenty of new recruits to show up for Team Jacob. I guess there’s something too out of the ordinary about not being able to have a heartbeat register that causes people to shy away. As if seeing vampires and werewolves are an everyday occurrence anyway.

4 He’s Warm

Team Jacob followers tend to add this reason in quite often. I guess most people don’t shy away from warm individuals as quickly as they do those with cold hands. Jacob is definitely warmer than Edward and this seems to be a huge plus, especially with the ladies.

These are just a few of the reasons to join Team Jacob. Each member has a unique list of reasons. What are yours? Feel free to share!

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