5 Reasons People Hate Twilight ...


5 Reasons People Hate Twilight ...
5 Reasons People Hate Twilight ...

Hate is a big word, but some people will actually tell you they hate Twilight. When you ask them why, they won’t say why. They tell you just because. So, what are those reasons? I am going to give you 5 reasons people hate Twilight.

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They Have Something against Vampires

I think that some people do not like the Twilight series simply because they do not like vampires. Yeah, I admit, some people simply do not like vampires. Therefore, they do not care much about reading about vampires.


They’re Jealous

Hey, this is a good reason not to like Twilight! If you’re a guy and your girlfriend is constantly talking about Edward and saying his name in her sleep, then uhm … you’re probably jealous of Twilight.


It’s Just Not Their Thing

They just aren’t into the whole scenario of werewolves and vampires. They don’t understand humans falling in love with vampires and usually, when we cannot understand something, we do not like it.


It’s a Love Story

Nonetheless, Twilight is a love story, either way you stack it. Some individuals actually do not like love stories. They think it is corny and stray away from them.


It’s Talked about Too Much

As much as I like Twilight, I am going to admit that some people go overboard with it. They have smeared it into the ground until it cannot be smeared into the ground anymore. Everywhere you turn, you see Edward, Jacob and Bella. Therefore, people are tired of seeing it and have started to hate it.

Those are 5 reasons people hate Twilight. Those are the reasons I can think of. Could you think of any other reasons as to why someone would hate Twilight?

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People just don't like that for once, girls have something to fantasies over and plus men are angry that women prefer a vampire over an actual man. Men have far worse fantasies and nobody ever bats an eyelid at that.

Everyone has their own opinions of books so Twilight can be quite the serious debate between fellow readers. Anyone who hates Twilight can tell you immediately that they hate the fans (you know the ones). I read the entirety of the Twilight Series and quite frankly, I was disappointed. The plot was boring and nothing happened that I didn't expect to happen; it could have been finished in less books. It was cliche (Vampires vs. Werewolves), some people probably dislike it for that reason. Bella and Edward didn't have much in common, at least I think so, but everyone interprets characters in their own way. The biggest thing that killed Twilight was the movie by far. Let's just say the Edward my mind conjured up was way more interesting than Robert Patterson and even Bella was different in my mind.

I don't like Twilight because I think it is poorly written and the characters are flat and have no personality. I have nothing against vampires, I love a good love story, I just think that both Bella and Edward aren't very interesting as characters. Also... I have a problem with sparkling vampires. I'm a vampire purist. They die in the sunlight not sparkle like a my little pony...

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