5 Reason Why I Want to Train a Dragon ...

By Melanie

5 Reason Why I Want to Train a Dragon ...

If you think training a dog is hard, what about a dragon. Can you imagine training a dragon to do tricks or fetch? If dragons were around today, they would be the world biggest reptile to own or have as a pet. Please read my 5 Reason Why I Want To Train A Dragon…

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5 It’s a Good Friend

If you own a pet, then you know what I’m talking about. My dog will do whatever it takes to be my friend and make me happy. He wags his tail and gives me kisses without licking. Imagine a Dragon as a friend. They could protect you like dogs do.

4 The Challenge

My husband likes reptiles, because their good challenge to train and maintain. Dragons would be hard to train and would almost be impossible to look bigger than them. Imagine if you had to get them in trouble, they might eat you.

3 To Say I Did It

I would love to add a dragon to my list of trainable animals that I’ve taught. Who wouldn’t want to say they trained a mythical beast!

2 Their so Cute

I have always like animals and I think they all look cute. Dragons can be cute in their own ways. I would be neat to teach one to sit. You might need a ladder to get eye level though.

1 I Want a Dragon

If I wanted a pet that was a mythical creature it would be a dragon. They can be so much fun and would be a good friend. I’m sure that dragons can be mean, but there could be some nice one’s to.

Dragons symbolize different things in different countries and each country they have some sort of story about them. Japan and china have some of the neatest arts for dragons. I like to collect dragon’s statues and use them as inside decoration. Would you like to train a dragon?

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