5 Reasons I'm Interested in the Paranormal World ...


5 Reasons I'm Interested in the Paranormal World ...
5 Reasons I'm Interested in the Paranormal World ...

The paranormal world is something that I always loved, I had this type of experiences all my life, it’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion that grew over time and became an obsession. You cannot be indifferent because in life some things happen and even if you are not a believer that makes you ask questions. There solid reasons why I like this…

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Communicate with Spirits

We can communicate with spirits of the people who died – can be truly amazing that someone can speak with a relative who passed away and ask guidance or find out about how that spirit felt at the moment of their physical death.


Past or Future

We can know the past or the future- by hypnosis a guy can turn back in time and see his past lives and even his previous deaths or what he did in between existences as a soul. This can change his perception of things and helps him to resolve problems from his present time. Some have even been able to see in the future.


Seeing Things

We can see things from another dimension – angels, orbs, energy, auras or anything that some gifted people see can be a proof that many worlds coexist with our material reality and we can explore them.


' Not an Ordinary World

I like to believe there is more to this ordinary world – I always knew there is something better than our simple life, that things are more complicated and it will be a time and a place where suffering will cease to exist and we will all live in peace, love and harmony.


Reveal Answers

It can reveal answers at our fundamental inquiries – who are we? Where we come from? Where are we heading to?

Some people criticize other who believe in the paranormal or think they are crazy but I could tell them this: “What do you like best? The world of money and corruption or a world of fairies that we had when we were children and it is possible to regain it back?”.I would choose the second .Would you?

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