5 Awesome Things about Bella ...


5 Awesome Things about Bella ...
5 Awesome Things about Bella ...

I have been doing a lot of thinking and decided that I would write 5 awesome things about Bella Swan …

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She’s a Shield, which is awesome. I like how not even Edward can read her mind. Sometimes, I think this is perfect. Imagine if Edward could read Bella’s mind, he would know all of those naughty things she thought of in the past.


She Doesn’t Give Up and I like how Bella doesn’t give up on things. If she comes close to giving up, Edward is there to lift her up. Of course, she did give up in the woods when Edward left her there, but Jacob helped pick up the mood until Edward came back.


She’s a Fighter and if she does not want to go to a party, she will fight her way until she caves in. I always thought this was funny. She was never really into clothes and the things that Alice would give her – she wasn’t a girly girl


She Didn’t Get Rid of Reneesme

I like how she did not get rid of her baby. She fought until the baby was born, which then ended up with her having to be turned into a vampire. Speaking in being turned into a vampire, I like how she did not get out of control like a lot of the newborns.


Her Love for Edward

I like how her love for Edward is unconditional. I know, it was wrong what she did to Jacob, but now that Jacob has something else on his mind, I am sure he fully understands it all and is just glad to have Bella as a friend and soon to be mother in law. Right?

Those are 5 awesome things about Bella Swan – can you think of any other things as to why you like Bella?

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