5 Annoying Things about Bella ...


5 Annoying Things about Bella ...
5 Annoying Things about Bella ...

She’s Clumsy

Yes, Bella is one clumsy girl. I think she is a bit too clumsy at times and needs to learn how to not be so clumsy. Lol. However, at the same time, her clumsiness plays a good role in the story. I mean, here you have a girl who is obviously clumsy hanging with vampires. The whole time, we wondered what type of vampire she would be – if she would be a clumsy vampire.

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She Gets to Be with Vampires

Okay, it’s annoying, don’t you think? I mean, don’t you want to be with vampires? Why does she get to hang out with them and we don’t? Why does she get Edward and we don’t? Oh yeah … because it’s a story.


She Won’t Listen

She never seems to listen to anything. When she is asked to do something, she does the opposite. This usually gets her into trouble – yet, she always has a reason for doing what she does.


She Faints over Blood

I never understood why someone would faint over blood, even the slightest sight of their own blood. I know, if you do the same thing, I don’t mean to offend you, but this is annoying with Bella.


Her with Jacob

I couldn’t get over the fact how she was “torn” between Edward and Jacob. Yet, she was leading them both on at the same time. This was one of the most annoying things to me.

There you have 5 annoying things about Bella. Have you read all of the Twilight series? If so, what was one of the most annoying scenes, in your opinion, that included Bella in it? This answer can come from any of the series, but please state which series it comes from.

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