5 Reasons Girls Love Twilight ...


5 Reasons Girls Love Twilight ...
5 Reasons Girls Love Twilight ...

I like Twilight and I am not going to deny that. I enjoyed reading it. Why do girls like it so much? Well, I do a lot of writing and reading blogs and I am going to give you 5 reasons girls love Twilight that I have noticed …

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Yeah, I’m not too much into Jacob, but I do love how he turns into a dog. I still can’t get over that wet dog smell though! Just kidding. It must be neat petting a boy on the head when he’s in dog form!


Related to the supernatural charm Twilight offers, Jacob's transformation is equal parts thrilling and peculiar for many fans. Imagine cuddling up with a warm, furry wolf instead of a traditional pet! Beyond the novelty, Jacob's werewolf nature adds a layer of excitement to the romantic mix, teetering between the reliable human friend and the fierce protector. There's something undeniably endearing about his loyalty and the fierce way he loves, even if it's sometimes a tad too intense. Plus, who wouldn't be intrigued by the dynamics of a love triangle involving a vampire, a human, and a shapeshifter?



Girls seem to have an obsession with vampires. I would know this one, because I am a girl. I have had an obsession with vampires for a very long time – ever since I was in middle school and to this day, I am 25 years old, it has not disappeared.


It’s a Good Story

Most girls know a good story when they see it. Twilight was definitely a good story. Actually, the whole series was good. I couldn’t put the book down at times and when I did, I would find a way to go back to it!


The Twilight saga taps into the magical feeling of first love and the boundless possibilities that come with it. Stephenie Meyer weaves a narrative that balances the ordinary with the extraordinary, presenting readers with a world that's both familiar and fantastically alluring. The tension between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen creates an epic romance that's both dreamy and intense. Furthermore, the inclusion of age-old rivalries and supernatural suspense carries the story in a way that leaves fans eager for the next page, the next chapter, and the next book. It's this gripping storytelling that captures the hearts of readers and makes the series unforgettable.


The Romance

Face it, girls enjoy romance movies. While I am not a big sucker for them, I did like the romantic parts in Twilight. I liked the love story between Edward and Bella. Oh yeah and Jacob and Bella. Cute, right?



Yeah, I am going to say it. Edward is one of the main reasons as to why so many girls like Twilight. I find so many blogs on Edward that it is silly! I think girls are obsessed with Edward and wish there was a guy like him. Is this going to cause more and more girls to set higher expectations for the guy of their dreams? Uh oh …

Those are 5 reasons why girls like Twilight. What about you, why do you like Twilight?

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