5 Reasons Girls Love Twilight ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons Girls Love Twilight ...

I like Twilight and I am not going to deny that. I enjoyed reading it. Why do girls like it so much? Well, I do a lot of writing and reading blogs and I am going to give you 5 reasons girls love Twilight that I have noticed …

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5 Jacob

Yeah, I’m not too much into Jacob, but I do love how he turns into a dog. I still can’t get over that wet dog smell though! Just kidding. It must be neat petting a boy on the head when he’s in dog form!

4 Vampires

Girls seem to have an obsession with vampires. I would know this one, because I am a girl. I have had an obsession with vampires for a very long time – ever since I was in middle school and to this day, I am 25 years old, it has not disappeared.

3 It’s a Good Story

Most girls know a good story when they see it. Twilight was definitely a good story. Actually, the whole series was good. I couldn’t put the book down at times and when I did, I would find a way to go back to it!

2 The Romance

Face it, girls enjoy romance movies. While I am not a big sucker for them, I did like the romantic parts in Twilight. I liked the love story between Edward and Bella. Oh yeah and Jacob and Bella. Cute, right?

1 Edward

Yeah, I am going to say it. Edward is one of the main reasons as to why so many girls like Twilight. I find so many blogs on Edward that it is silly! I think girls are obsessed with Edward and wish there was a guy like him. Is this going to cause more and more girls to set higher expectations for the guy of their dreams? Uh oh …

Those are 5 reasons why girls like Twilight. What about you, why do you like Twilight?

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