Why You Should Be on Team Edward ...


Why You Should Be on Team Edward ...
Why You Should Be on Team Edward ...

You have Edward, the vampire who has no heartbeat, yet seems to have a pretty big heart and then you have Jacob, the werewolf who isn’t dead and who has a heartbeat. Jacob is warm and Edward is cold. So, why would one pick Edward over Jacob? Why would one want to pick someone who is cold and has no heartbeat? Below, I am going to tell you why you should be on team Edward!

Well, where do I start? Since I am obvious on the vampires side, I have a lot of pros here! I’m not talking about looks either, I do not go by that type of stuff. Below, I am going to give you 5 pros of being on the vampires side!

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They Rock!

Oh yeah and when I say they rock, there is no pun intended there! They are made of stone baby! Have you saw the moves they make? Wow.


They Have Special Abilities

I love how the vampires have those special abilities. Edward can read minds. Is Jacob able to read minds? Yeah, he can, but only his packs minds when he is in wolf form. Edward can read average people’s minds. Well, except for Bella who is like a shield!


Edward Doesn’t Seem Jealous

You know, at times he has a “jealous” look on his face, but he’s more for what Bella wants. Jacob on the other end loses his anger a lot towards Bella, while Edward stays calm.

There you have my three reasons as to why you should be on Team Edward. Of course, I also wrote a blog on why you should be on Team Jacob too, so don’t forget to check that one out and leave your comments. So, tell me, which team are you on?

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