5 Awesome Things about Edward ...


5 Awesome Things about Edward ...
5 Awesome Things about Edward ...

Right now, I am going to give you 5 awesome things about Edward. You know, one of the main characters from Twilight that almost every girl that is not going crazy over Jacob is going crazy over.

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He’s Old School and I like It! Even when Bella is Wanting to Have Sex with Him, He Pushes Her Away. Why Does He Push Her Away? Wouldn’t Most Guys Just Take It?


He Cares a Lot about Bella and This is Definitely a Good Reason to like Bella. He Reminds Me of My Husband. No Matter What, He Cares about His Partner. He Would Go out of His Way for Bella if He Had to and He Did


He’s Protective, Which is Not a Bad Thing. It’s Always Nice when a Guy is Protective over a Girl. He Will Not Let Anyone or Anything, for That Matter, Harm Bella. He Always Comes up with a Master Plan to Protect Her and Keep Her out of Harms Way2. He’s Funny and That is a Good Quality in a Guy. when a Guy is Funny and Will Try to Make You Laugh and Cheer You up, then That is a Big Reason to like Them. Edward Goes through a Lot, Yet, He Still Tries to Find Ways to Cheer Bella up. I Still Find It Hard to Get over How He Left Her in the Woods, but I Think He Made up for All of That – Don’t You?


He’s Smart and You Know It! You Know Edward is Smart. like I Said, He Always Comes up with Cool Master Plans

Of course, I am not including that he looks good in here like most of you girls would – you can list that for your reason to like Edward though. Remember, I don’t go by looks. So, why do you think he is so awesome?

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