5 Things about Aliens I like ...

By Melanie

5 Things about Aliens I like ...

Aliens are cute, don’t you think? Well, that all depends on how Hollywood portrays them really. But look at the alien from ET, he was a cute little guy. I am going to give you 5 things about aliens I like …

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They’re Not Sticky

I have noticed that Hollywood has a tendency to portray aliens as sticky little creatures. However, I believe Hollywood is wrong. I believe they aren’t sticky. They’re fresh and clean looking.


They do Not Eat

I always thought this was an interesting one. Aliens don’t eat? Instead of eating, they live off of solar energy. They’re a lot like our calculators as they use the sunlight to charge their “batteries.”


Power Blackout

They will never come to your city, unless there is a complete power blackout. Then, once they are ready to leave, they are nice enough to make sure they turn the power back on for you – isn’t that so sweet of them?


They’re Smart

In my own personal opinion, aliens are smart. How do I know this? This is just something that I know. I know, we can’t always believe Hollywood, but if they’re as devious as people say they are – they’re smart little boogers!


Aliens Are Watching Earth

Be careful, they’re watching Earth. Not only are they watching Earth, but they are also watching the people that are upon it. At least, that is what I believe. This is pretty cool.

Those are 5 things about aliens I like. I have always been interested in alien life and will continue to research it. Remember, the truth is out there. So, what do you like about aliens?

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