5 Reasons a Smart Woman Would Love Twilight ...


5 Reasons a Smart Woman Would Love Twilight ...
5 Reasons a Smart Woman Would Love Twilight ...

I consider myself to be fairly smart and I love Twilight, so I thought I’d share my 5 reasons a smart woman would love Twilight. I know not everyone was as thrilled with this saga as I was and the devout Twilight crowd does seem to consist mostly of females, but I think any smart woman would realize what Twilight has to offer.

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She Enjoys the Action Scenes in the Book as Much as the Love Scenes

You definitely have to like a combination of both adventure and romance. Thankfully, the action parts of the book aren’t graphically gory and the romantic portions aren’t super sappy. The combination of both love and action is perfect.


She Doesn’t Find the Large Quantity of Characters Confusing

I have to admit, there are a lot of characters to remember in this series, but each one is introduced slowly. It wasn’t difficult to remember who lived where or which vampires were part of what clan. I think the large number of characters added more depth to the story line.


She Knows It’s Only a Story

There are a few people I’ve met that live and breathe Twilight, almost to the point of being unhealthy. They talk about the characters as if they are good friends who are coming over for dinner later. I can understand getting into a story, but not quite like this.


She is Able to Empathize with Bella

Some stories are hard to get into, especially if you’ve never been in a situation similar to the main character. However, even though I’ve never been in love with a vampire, I could still empathize with Bella during her times of confusion, adoration, and even indecision.


She Realizes a Good Story when She Reads It

I didn’t think there was anything cheesy about this entire series. I never once rolled my eyes and groaned at something that happened in the storyline, out of shear disgust. Everything seemed to fit together just perfectly.

What do you think of my 5 reasons? Would you consider yourself a smart woman who loves Twilight as well? I’m sure you can think of at least one more reason that can be added to this list. Please share any reasons you’ve come up with for loving Twilight!

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