5 Things I Admire about a Vampire ...

I really admire vampires. I can think of more than 5 things I admire about a vampire. There is just something fascinating about these creatures. Below, I am going to give you my list …

5. Their Love is Forever

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I admire a vampire because when they fall in love, it is something that lasts forever – at least, in my opinion it does. Look at Edward as an example, his love for Bella was forever. Isn’t that great?

4. They Are Smart

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When I look at a vampire, I look at someone who is smart. They always have the right moves at the right time. They are especially smart when it comes to history. I guess if you lived in the old days, you would be smart at history as well.

3. The Way They Move

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I enjoy the way vampires move. They always seem to have a swift move. When they need to move quickly, they swiftly glide. This is definitely something I admire about them.

2. Their Skin

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You are going to think I am strange for this one, but I enjoy the complexion of their skin. Obviously they do not lay out in the sun. Perhaps this is why they always have beautiful skin? You know the sun can cause a lot of damage to you. They do not feel the need to get a tan – as if they could in the first place. Perhaps I like their skin, because it matches mine.

1. The Teeth

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Yes, their teeth is the number one thing I like about them. I mean, come on, if it were not for their teeth, then they would not be a vampire! I love the way their teeth shapes their lips. I always thought it gave that sexy look.

Those are 5 things I admire about a vampire. What about you? What do you admire the most about vampires?

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