5 Things I Liked in Breaking Dawn ...

By Melanie

5 Things I Liked in Breaking Dawn ...

Breaking Dawn had an excellent story line and I thought it ended the series perfectly. This extra thick book was jam-packed with detail after detail. The 5 things I liked in Breaking Dawn are listed below. See if you agree with them. However, if you haven’t finished Breaking Dawn, then you may want to read this later!

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Alice’s Return

I was crushed when she and Jasper fled. I couldn’t see how she could just leave them all so suddenly. When she and jasper came back with another person who was half human and half vampire, I was thrilled!


Suspenseful Ending

I thought for sure that there was going to be this epic battle and half the characters I’d come to know were going to be killed off. I was ecstatic to read that none of them had to die off in a senseless battle between the Cullen and friends against the Volturi and witnesses.


Jacob and Edward on Good Terms

It was so rough to read how much of a struggle it was for Edward, Jacob, and Bella to all be a happy little triangle. Thankfully, in this book they were all able to be together happily in the end. There was such a twist in the loathing that Edward and Jacob had for one another in the first book to the general caring they had towards the end of Breaking Dawn.



Bella being able to have a child with Edward was an excellent twist to the storyline. I know that there was previous concern with Bella missing out on this part of being human, so it seems like she was able to actually hit all the high-points of being human.


The Multiple First Person Idea

I liked that the entire book wasn’t all in Bella’s perspective. Sometimes it’s helpful to see how others are viewing certain situations. It was nice to hear Jacob’s thoughts and feelings on a lot of things that had happened between he and the pack, Bella, and the Cullens.

I could easily read this book again, even thought I just finished it a short while ago. Did you have some things in the book that you liked more than what I listed above? Why do you think you liked these portions of the book so much?

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