5 Things I like about Bella's Dad ...


5 Things I like about Bella's Dad ...
5 Things I like about Bella's Dad ...

Bella’s dad was the typical dad in some ways and atypical in other aspects. I’ve read all the books, so the 5 things I like about Bella’s dad that are listed below have to do with various situations from each book. If you haven’t read all the books, you might want to save these 5 things for afterwards, just in case I’ve given something away you haven’t read yet!

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As with just about any father, Charlie Swan wants to make sure Bella is safe. He questions her about things she does, but not to the point of making her feel like he’s watching every little thing she does.


To the Point and Humorous

His sense of humor really shows in quite a few of his quotes in the books. Most of the conversations Bella has with him in the books aren’t extremely in depth, but he is easily able to convey his quirky point in about one line.



He’s able to show he cares without being an overbearing and overprotective parent. He bought Bella a truck so she would have transportation and was able to get her out of her massive depression after Edward left, instead of shrugging his shoulders and hoping she’d pull out of it on her own.


Handles Strange Situations Tactfully

Even after he learned about Jacob being a werewolf, he was still able to get past this oddity and continue normally. He seemed to be very open to a lot of new changes and didn’t freak out like most humans would have.


Allows Bella Her Freedom

I think he was able to handle suddenly having a daughter full-time with great finesse. He didn’t crowd her and constantly ask her what she was doing or why she was doing it. He gave her space to settle in and be comfortable.

For the most part, I think Bella’s dad handled most situations the way any dad would. What did you think of Bella’s dad in the book? Do you know someone who has a similar attitude about things?

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