5 Reasons I Liked Underworld: Evolution ...

Underworld Evolution was a sequel to Underworld, which was filmed during the year 2003. It featured Kate Beckinsale in it as Selene. I really liked this movie and think it was better than the first one. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons I liked Underworld: Evolution.

5. Vampires Vs. Werewolves

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I liked the fact that it was showing us a war against Lycans against vampires. Each time a vampire encountered a werewolf, it was a must see.

4. Werewolves Could Control Themselves

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I never thought this was possible. I thought that when a werewolf got upset, they turned into their wolf form and had no control. However, in Underworld, they showed us that the human could control when they turned into a wolf.

3. Awakening Marcus

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When two out of the 3 vampire Elders are destroyed, Selene hopes to awaken the last remaining, which is Marcus. Marcus is still in hibernation and will give the truth before Kraven can kill Marcus. I think this was an interesting part of the story.

2. Selene Drinks Blood

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In order to pass on the legacy, Selene drinks Alexander’s blood. Alexander ends up blowing himself up – real cool.

1. The Ending

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Oh yeah, I definitely loved the ending of Underworld and it is definitely a reason to watch it.

There you have 5 reasons I liked Underworld. Was this a movie that you enjoyed watching? If so, why did you like it?

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