5 Cool Things about Twilight ...


5 Cool Things about Twilight ...
5 Cool Things about Twilight ...

I like reading Twilight. When I first started reading it, I didn’t expect to get so attached to it, but I did. Below, I am going to give you 5 cool things about Twilight that I really liked …

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There’s Vampires That Are Vegetarians

I like it because there are vampires. They are not just any vampires, they are vampires that are vegetarians. I really like this. They are also vampires that sparkle. Don’t you think that is neat? I do.


There’s Werewolves

I think it is cool because there are werewolves in the story. I am a fan of werewolves and before I started reading Twilight, I didn’t even know there would be werewolves in the story. Of course, somehow, I predicted that Jacob would end up being a werewolf and I wasn’t even done reading Twilight when I first predicted this.


A Vampire Doctor

Carlisle is a vampire, yet he is a doctor. We normally do not see this. A vampire that can easily work around blood. It must take a lot of holding back, don’t you think?


The Werewolves and Vampire Work Together

I like how the vampires and werewolves work together when there is a problem. Can you think of any other movie or book where vampires and werewolves work together? Tell me a list of them, if you can.


The Special Abilities

I always like how each vampire has a special ability. I like Edward’s ability to read minds and Alice’s special ability is really cool. Out of all the vampires in the story, which one has your favorite special ability and why?

Those are 5 cool things about Twilight that I liked. Like I said, once I started reading it, I got hooked. What are some of your favorite things about Twilight? Besides the boys …

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Good list. Though, I loved vampires before they were defanged by Meyer. -_-

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