5 Reasons Twilight is Better than Harry Potter ...


5 Reasons Twilight is Better than Harry Potter ...
5 Reasons Twilight is Better than Harry Potter ...

Sometimes, I think that Twilight and Harry Potter are tied. They are both good stories, right? Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking and I think I like Twilight better. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons Twilight is better than Harry Potter, in my opinion, because I know it is all a matter of preference.

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There’s No Magic School

Yeah, this is a pretty good reason as to why Twilight is better than Harry Potter. Each year, they didn’t have to go to a school to learn their powers. They already knew their powers. However, a school for vampires would have added a cool twist to it, don’t you think?


One of the charms of the Twilight universe is the innate abilities that vampires and werewolves possess. They hone their skills through personal experience and mentorship rather than formal education. It brings a sense of realism and relatability, as everyone goes through the journey of self-discovery. Imagine having your vampire mentor casually drop hints on how to better control your thirst for blood while you're out shopping, instead of sitting in a classroom. Now, that's a fresh take on supernatural adolescence that feels uniquely Twilight!


Edward Wasn’t a Dork

Yeah, sometimes, dorks are cute. However, Harry was a bit too dorky and I can’t see why girls even liked him. I do like the stories, but I don’t really did the movies as much. However, I like both the books and movies when it comes to Twilight.


Edward Cullen, with his enigmatic allure and vampire mystique, offered a stark contrast to the often awkward and self-deprecating Harry Potter. His confident yet tormented personality exuded a dark charm that many found irresistible. He was never clumsy with his words or actions, which made him appear suave and sophisticated. In essence, Edward epitomized the classic brooding hero, which is a trope that never fails to capture hearts. Coupled with his supernatural appeal and protective nature, it's no wonder he became the epitome of teenage fantasy and a romantic figure that didn't need to resort to dorkiness to be adored.


Love Story

Harry Potter is not a love story and Twilight is. Therefore, in my opinion, I believe this would make Twilight better than Harry Potter.


The emotional core of Twilight hinges on the intense romance between Bella and Edward. Their relationship is fraught with drama, passion, and the thrill of forbidden love, which resonates with many readers, particularly those who relish the escapism of a good romance story. It's the kind of love affair that has fans fiercely invested in the characters' fates, debating Team Edward or Team Jacob, and swooning over their favorite moments. While Harry Potter does feature romantic subplots, they're just that—subplots, rather than the driving force of the narrative. Twilight, on the other hand, places love front and center, capturing the hearts of its audience in a way that's uniquely its own.


Twilight Has Vampires

I like Twilight because it has vampires in it. I think this helps to make it better than Harry Potter, don’t you? Even just a little?


Vampires add a sense of forbidden allure and mystery that is undeniably attractive. Their timeless charm and complex nature give a romantic edge that's hard to find in other supernatural tales. And let's be honest, the vampire-human love story between Edward and Bella is a magnetic narrative that pulls at the heartstrings. Twilight showcases the dilemmas and passions that come with such an enthralling bond, making it positively irresistible! The idea of immortality mixed with romance is a combination that gives the saga an added level of depth and excitement, perfectly fueling the addiction to the series.


Better Story

Personally, I think Twilight was better than Harry Potter because it had a better story to it. Twilight always had my attention and even though I liked Harry Potter, I dealt with moments of boredom.

Those are 5 reasons Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I know there are some pretty big Harry Potter fans out there that will swamp my blog with saying Harry Potter is better, but that’s fine. Nothing wrong with Harry Potter. So, are you a Harry Potter fan or Twilight? Or Both?

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If Twilight is better than Harry Potter, then explain why kids today act like Bella now. It destroys childhood.

No. Harry is better ANY DAY

okay . to who wrote this . sorry , these are idiotic reasons . for one thing , harry potter has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more love then twilight has in a HEARTBEAT . k , ! why would you want to date a sparkling constipated vampire ? who also has no abs .? by the way , their spray painted . i for one loved Robert Pattinson as cedric way more than him as edward . he looked ew , in twilight . please don't bash on the best series ever . it makes us harry potter fans kinda ' pissed off , cause harry potter shouldn't be compared to trailer trash , yes that is what twilight is . trailer trash .

The Harry Potter books symbolized some problems that were in real life*

1.) HP has many better stories, from snape's story, to Dumbledore's, and so on Twilights story is: you smell nice I love, you sparkle I love, im just kinda there, I love you. 2.) Edward was a dork in the sense he was not social 3.) A vamp in HP is Rufus Scrimgeor

Do you know that JK Rowling had spent five or so years planning out the plots and stuff for her Harry Potter books before writing them? It most definitely shows. She hints at subjects of the later books within the earlier ones (even in the first book). Even though it may seem like you're reading a random, tiny detail, it becomes important in another book to come. She carefully plotted each of her books out and took her time figuring out the workings of the wizarding world. Now, look at Stephenie Meyer. She had her vivid dream of Edward and Bella having an intense conversation about their love. Instead of letting her great idea grow and mature for her to figure out the kinks, she just immediately wrote Twilight. She didn't want to wait and see what else she could come up with to give the story the depth that it deserved. I have to admit that she had a nice beginning hook of the relationship Bella and Edward. After all, how many teenage girls date vampires? But she never deviates from it. Okay, we know they are in love and for no apparent reasons. Now what about the world around them? Minor characters that we could care less about as well as those boring high school days that didn't move the plot forward, the times when Edward was selfless (oh, wait: he's always selfless when it comes to Bella), the lack of any organizations or schools strictly for vampires, the list goes on. At this rate, the wizarding world is more believable, exciting, and worthwhile because its author took her time to flesh out plots and background information on her idea. The Twilight series could have been a bigger success if Meyer simply resisted the immediate urge to write. She could have turned Bella into a vampire in the first book, made more vampire organizations that would live up to the Ministry of Magic, created vampires schools or tribes instead of a bunch of isolated family covens, or left the extra garbage out about high school classes as well as the same descriptions of Edward's marble body. Any of those things would have helped.

Wow, 5 wimpy reasons why twilight is better than Harry Potter. 5 FALSE reasons.

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