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5 Reasons Twilight is Better than Harry Potter ...

By Melanie

Sometimes, I think that Twilight and Harry Potter are tied. They are both good stories, right? Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking and I think I like Twilight better. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons Twilight is better than Harry Potter, in my opinion, because I know it is all a matter of preference.

5 There’s No Magic School

Yeah, this is a pretty good reason as to why Twilight is better than Harry Potter. Each year, they didn’t have to go to a school to learn their powers. They already knew their powers. However, a school for vampires would have added a cool twist to it, don’t you think?

4 Edward Wasn’t a Dork

Yeah, sometimes, dorks are cute. However, Harry was a bit too dorky and I can’t see why girls even liked him. I do like the stories, but I don’t really did the movies as much. However, I like both the books and movies when it comes to Twilight.

3 Love Story

Harry Potter is not a love story and Twilight is. Therefore, in my opinion, I believe this would make Twilight better than Harry Potter.

2 Twilight Has Vampires

I like Twilight because it has vampires in it. I think this helps to make it better than Harry Potter, don’t you? Even just a little?

1 Better Story

Personally, I think Twilight was better than Harry Potter because it had a better story to it. Twilight always had my attention and even though I liked Harry Potter, I dealt with moments of boredom.

Those are 5 reasons Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I know there are some pretty big Harry Potter fans out there that will swamp my blog with saying Harry Potter is better, but that’s fine. Nothing wrong with Harry Potter. So, are you a Harry Potter fan or Twilight? Or Both?

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