5 Reasons Vampires Are Cool ...


5 Reasons Vampires Are Cool ...
5 Reasons Vampires Are Cool ...

Vampires are awesome creatures! I mean, come on, if I could be a vampire, I definitely would in an instant – as long as my family could be vampires too. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons vampires are cool …

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They Smell Good

I always like how vampires smell. You would expect them to have a bad smell to them, but it seems they always have a good smell to them. How do I know how a vampire smells? Well, that is my secret and I am not going to tell.


They’re Unique

I always have a taste for the unique side. This is a big reason as to why I like vampires and think they are cool. They do not act like normal humans.


They’re Set Back in the Day

I like how they are set back in the day. I think this is one of those thigns that makes them cool. Why do I like this? Because it seems as if vampires have their manners and they stick to those manners. Well, some of them do. You know, one’s like Edward.


There Love is Strong

When a vampire falls in love, that love is strong. Take Edward as an example. When he fell in love with Bella, somehow, we knew that it would last forever. We felt his love for Bella.


They Live Forever

One of the best things about vampires is that they live forever. However, a down side to living forever would be the fact that you have to witness a lot of deaths. You will have a lot of depression as you make friends and they die. However, if you are a vampire living with a vampire, then living forever isn’t bad at all.

Those are 5 reasons vampires are cool. At least, that is why they are cool in my opinion. What about you? Why do you think they are cool?

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