5 Reasons Girls Love Robert Pattinson ...


5 Reasons Girls Love Robert Pattinson ...
5 Reasons Girls Love Robert Pattinson ...

Robert Pattinson plays Edward in Twilight. We all know this. I am going to give you 5 reasons girls love Robert Pattinson.

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He’s a Good Actor

I believe he is a good actor. I have watched the other movies that he played in and I must say that he did not do a bad job. I actually give him credit for being such a good actor.


He Looks Good

Of course, you have the look factor. Many girls love him because they believe that he looks good.


He is Edward

I cannot pass up the fact that he is Edward. I mean, he may not be Edward in real life, but the Edward in real life really does not exist. Face it, if he were an actor for any other story that was not so popular, Robert Pattinson would not of been as popular amongst the girls as he is today.


He Reads

News Flash! Robert Pattinson reads books too! It seems that girls always like it when a guy reads. I think this is because girls like smart guys and when they read, it makes them look more sophisticated.


Robert Pattinson is a Hollywood actor and heartthrob best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. He has been praised for his intelligence and for being a great role model for young men and women. In addition to his acting career, Robert is also an avid reader. He enjoys reading novels, magazines, and non-fiction books, and has even been known to read the newspaper. His love of reading has made him even more attractive to girls, as it shows he is intelligent and sophisticated. Furthermore, it is a great example for young people, as it encourages them to pick up a book and explore the world of literature.


He Has a Good Sense of Humor

I think many girls like Robert Pattinson because he has a good sense of humor. I could show you plenty of pictures of him on the red carpet where it looks like he has a good sense of humor. He doesn’t have that oh so serious look like other celebrity guys have. This is what makes him stand out in the crowd.

Those are my 5 Reasons Girls Love Robert Pattinson. If you love Robert, then feel free to tell me just how much you love him!

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