5 Reasons to Watch Breaking Dawn in Theatres ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons to Watch Breaking Dawn in Theatres ...

After I finished reading Breaking Dawn, I wondered how long it would be before it came out in theaters. When I found out that I really don’t have that long to wait, I became even more excited! I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie and here are my 5 reasons to watch Breaking Dawn in Theatres.

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5 This Might Be Your Only Chance

Very few movies come back to theatres later on, unless there is some showing of a cult flick or other popular oddity. I’m hoping that in the future other fans will get to view a Twilight marathon, consisting of all 5 of the Twilight films. Now that would be something I wouldn’t miss either.

4 You’ve Seen All the Others

If you haven’t, then you really should! Avid Twilight fans were the first at the theatre doors when each movie came out. It seems kind of silly to watch all the others at the cinema and skip out on this one. Right?

3 Curiosity

I’m very curious about what parts get left out when the book is changed to movie format. You know there is always something that gets either left out entirely or is consolidated to make it fit into the short amount of time. Thankfully Breaking Dawn will be in two halves, so hopefully that means it will be jam packed with material from the book.

2 Amazing Computer Graphics

The book was very detailed and I’m curious to see how the animation is handled in this movie. The other stories were absolutely amazing at the movie theatre. I don’t know how the graphics in this one could be any less fantastic, due to the constant advancements in computer technology.

1 Larger than Life Wolves and Vampires

Reading about Jacob and Edward are one thing, but seeing them on a giant screen is completely different. I can’t imagine missing the chance to see all the excellent characters from this book on the big screen. It definitely beats waiting until Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD.

If these 5 reasons aren’t enough to get you to the theatre when Breaking Dawn arrives, then I don’t know what will entice you to go! Have you seen the other Twilight movies at your local cinema? Didn’t they make you want to see the final installment? I will definitely be there on opening day!

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