5 Things I Love about the Twilight Series ...


5 Things I Love about the Twilight Series ...
5 Things I Love about the Twilight Series ...

After reading the first book in the Twilight series, I knew I just had to read the others. They are filled with adventure, fantastic characters, and an excellent love story. I've recalled 5 things I love about the Twilight series and listed each of them below. If you haven’t finished reading all of the books, you might not want to finish them before you continue reading my list!

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A Perfect Amount of Humor

The characters actually had a sense of humor, but not to the point of being too corny. There was just enough to liven up the story line and make the characters more believable. I thought it was a great touch to the story.



Not only were the werewolves in the series a lot less creepy than the mutated humans in other stories, but they had a fantastic bond with one another. They were definitely more wolf-like than werewolf. I liked the shape-shifting idea instead of the boys only turning into wolves during a full moon. I think this would have been way to cliché.



I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of vampires. I was glad that the main characters in the Twilight series weren’t the typical sort that other books talk about. They were friendly, didn’t prey on humans, actually cared for one another as a family should, and were all around great people.


It Was a Complete Story

There are so many series that I started and they just seemed to keep going and going. Not that this is a problem, but when the last book leaves you hanging, I find it frustrating. There is still more that could easily be added for further books, but the fourth installment had an excellent ending to the current series.


The Idea of Imprinting

I think it would be kind of cool if people actually imprinted on one another. Can you imagine how easy that would make life? You would never fight, you’d be super in love, and you would know exactly when you found the person meant especially for you. It just seems like love would be a lot less complicated.

These are only 5 things that I loved about the series. I have plenty more! Do you have certain aspects that make you love the series more than others you have read? What makes you like the Twilight series so much?

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