5 Reasons Alice is a Good Character ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons Alice is a Good Character ...

Alice always seemed so different than the rest of the Cullen clan. She was small, quirky, and extremely bubbly. She came off as being easily excited about the littlest things, but in a good way. I have at least 5 reasons Alice is a good character for this series. See if you agree with my reasoning!

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5 Her Acceptance of Bella Was Very Quick

She not only welcomed Bella with open arms, but Alice also made Bella feel comfortable in the Cullen home. She seemed to be the most accepting of Bella; no questions asked. There was never anything standoffish about Alice.

4 She Makes the Best of the Moment

Alice definitely aims to please. She did so much for Bella to make her comfortable during Edward’s absence. She wanted to make everything perfect for Bella. Each celebration was attended to with the utmost care.

3 Jasper Was Saved by Her

If Alice hadn’t paid attention to her visions of meeting Jasper in the diner, then he might not have survived much longer. He had already been through so much. Alice was able to provide Jasper with a stable home and a loving family.

2 Her Love for Her Family is Strong

Even though Carlisle didn’t create Alice, she is still close with all the Cullens. She cares for everyone as any family member should. Her visions keep her conscious of any harm coming to her family and she does what she can to protect them all.

1 She Has Excellent Taste in Decorating for Parties

Not only can she decorate quickly, seeing as she’s a speedy vampire, but she also does it in a way that is absolutely breathtaking. I remember the flowers everywhere for Bella’s wedding, the lights around the trees for a couple of different parties, and the disco-like atmosphere for the after graduation shindig.

I have to say, Alice is my favorite female vampire in the Twilight series. She’s just such a fun person and really goes all out with everything she does. Do you like Alice’s character? What’s one reason why you think you like her so much?

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