5 Reasons I like Dragons ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons I like Dragons ...

I like dragons. I really do. I mean, I wish they existed. At one point in time, I am sure they did exist – we just haven’t discovered it yet. Hey, in this world, anything is possible, even dragons. Why do I like this creature so much? I am going to give you 5 reasons I like dragons in the blog below …

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The Fire

The fire that comes out of their nostrils is wicked! Come on, you have to back me up on this one. You can’t tell me that you do not like the fire! That isn’t the only reasons I like dragons, find four more reasons below.


The Wings

The wings. Yes. How can you look past those beautiful, flapping wings? They flap so eloquently through the air.


They’re Big

Oh yes, the dragon is definitely big. However, I also like them when they are babies, just hatched out of an egg. I always have an eye for big animals.


They’re Lizard-like

As you may know, I am a big fan of reptiles and have a couple of big guys of my own. No, the teeth do not scare me. One of the reasons why I like dragons so much is because they are one big old lizard. Oh if only I could have one.


They’re Fun to Read about

As many of you know, I like reading. I like reading many different genres, my two favorite are science fiction and horror. In science fiction, you will find a lot of dragon stories. They are always fun to read about. I also enjoy it when I find dragons in video games – speaking in dragons in video games, have you ever played Spyro?

Those are 5 reasons I like dragons. So, what is your favorite dragon movie? What about dragon book?

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Skyrim dragons are the best, they're so majestic.