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I read all the books before I began watching any of the Twilight movies. Yeah, I got started on the series kind of late, so I was able to read one book after another. This gave me a giant dose of Twilight and made me want to watch the movies more than ever. Thankfully, since I’d waited so long to read the books, both of the first movies were already made and out on DVD. Here are 5 reasons to watch New Moon, just in case you don’t already have reasons of your own!

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The Best Parts of the Book Are Combined into One Great Movie

Remember all the time that Bella and Jacob spent fixing the motorcycles? Well, this entire process is combined into a quick montage so they can get on with actually riding the machines. I liked reading about it the first time I read New Moon, but I enjoyed the montage even better.


Amazing Graphics

The technology of today can make any human actor into a super-human being. Not only are the vampires able to leap through the air with ease, but the wolves are more believable than they would have been if this movie was created in the 1980s.


Gorgeous Scenery

Some of the movie was shot in Vancouver, Canada, so there are fantastic scenes with the ocean, tall evergreens, and excellent cliffs. The scenery adds to an already great story.


Has an Excellent Love Story within It

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing true love at its finest? The continuing struggle between a human and a vampire in love with one another is what New Moon is all about.


Full of Action

Riding motorcycles, shirtless men changing into wolves, cliff jumping, and vampires on the run are just a small portion of the action included in New Moon. I was on the edge of my seat reading the book, but the movie was even more suspenseful. The action sequences are definitely something to see.

If you’ve already watch New Moon, what was your top reason for wanting to see it? I always like to read a book and then see what how the character is portrayed in the movie. Do you think the actors in New Moon did a good job of making their character believable?

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