5 Cool Things about Jacob ...

While I am not on Team Jacob, I am really on Team Edward, because I like vampires more and fit in with the vampires more than I do dogs and because I hate smelling like a wet dog, I still think werewolves are pretty good. I have come up with 5 cool things about Jacob that I would like to share with you (I am not listing his looks as I do not base my stuff on looks) …

5. He’s a Werewolf

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Come on, I had to list that one! Don’t you dig werewolves! I know I did, but I still like vampires. When he is in wolf form, I think it’s cute how Bella pets him on the head. The look he gets is cute.

4. He Heals Quickly

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Wow, one minute he has a cut and then the next minute, it is healed. I like how quick he heals, I always thought it was cool.

3. He’s Warm

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Hey, do you remember the tent scene in Eclipse when Bella was cold, Jacob tended to her needs by wrapping her up with him and kept her warm? I think it was funny how Edward could hear his thoughts then, but that’s besides the point. With Jacob, you could save money, not need a heater and keep warm during the winter.

2. He Can Also Be Your Dog

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Hey, if you date him, he won’t just be your boyfriend, you will also have a dog. Some will argue with this and say, but ew, you will have a dog as a boyfriend. However, some do not see it this way, they see it as a big advantage.

1. His Blonde Jokes Are Funny

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I always thought the blonde jokes he gives Rosalie is hilarious. However, I know she cracks dog jokes right back at him. It’s always cool hearing those two together. Can you name some of the blonde jokes he told Rosalie?

There you have 5 cool things about Jacob Black. Can you think of any other cool things? I know you can.

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