5 Reasons I like Graveyards ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons I like Graveyards ...

There are some people that go to graveyards to get peace, but, then, others go there and do bad things. When you go to a graveyard, do not show disrespect to the dead and don’t walk across someone’s grave – that isn’t nice. I never walk on a grave. I enjoy going to the graveyard, especially the really historical ones. Right now, I am going to give you 5 reasons I like graveyards …

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5 They’re Quiet

Graveyards always seem to be quiet. In fact, they are so quiet at times that it can get a bit eerie.

4 I Feel at Peace

At a graveyard, I feel as if I am at peace. I guess there is good reason behind this one.

3 Lots of People to Talk to

Hey, you have to admit that when you are in a graveyard, you have plenty of people you can talk to. When I talk at a graveyard, for some reason, I always feel as if someone is listening to me.

2 Cool Place to Take Pictures

I always thought the graveyard was a cool place to take pictures. Ghost hunters tend to go to graveyards in hopes to capture some pictures of orbs. Have you had any success with this technique?

1 The Creepy Feeling

Okay, okay! I give! I like the creepy feeling that I get when I go to a graveyard, especially during the nighttime. I know, I’m weird for liking that creepy feeling. Have you ever tried it? What feeling did you get? Did you feel as if you were being watched?

Again, don’t go to the graveyard and be disrespectful – keep your manners. So, why do you enjoy going to the graveyard? What do you feel when you are in one?

Top Photo Credit: Brandon Godfrey

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