5 Reasons I like Older Horror Film ...


5 Reasons I like Older Horror Film ...
5 Reasons I like Older Horror Film ...

Horror films have changed over the past couple of years and have somewhat lost their scary aspect. I feel that some of the newer horror films are based on sex. Don't get me wrong, there are some good horror films still. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons I like older horror films...

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More High Budget Films

Have you noticed that most new horror films look like they have little budget? There is lack of correct lighting, acting and graphics. This makes it a low budget movie that is a waste of time to watch.


Better Evil Characters

Freddy and Jason was always scary to me. Today, there isn’t many characters that make it big like these old fashion characters. There was “it” from Stephen King, Pumkinhead, pet cemetery and much more!


Acting Was Better

Actors had to try harder in the past. You saw some good acting in older movies, because the movie industry was first starting off. They tried harder to be a blockbuster hit. Now a movie is being produced every week or month!


The Characters in the Movies Were Smarter

In horror movies today, you find that they make almost every character dumb. They make it noticeable that they will be the first to die or that the enemy is about to attack. If you watched older movies like Freddy, you find smart people.


Not Many Sex Scenes

Horror and sex has nothing to do with each other, so why have it? When I watch a horror movie I expect gore and blood. People need to be dying in the movie and constant auction. Older horror films didn’t go as far as today’s horror films with sex. That’s why they were more successful.

I hope you liked the reasons why I like older horror films. Horror films are dying off with the same ideas playing over and over. Do you think older horror films are better?

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not meaning to cause a problem here but i have to disagree. Alot of great horrors from back in the day didn't have a big budget and didn't look like they did either but personally i think that just adds to the charm and appeal. also, sex has featured quite prominantly in alot of old shool horrors. The acting alot.of the time was terrible but again, personally i don't mind a bit of cheese and enjoy alot of older horror films.y

These are good reasons, though, I'll have to respectfully (sort of) disagree with you. 5. Ever hear of the B movies during the 50's? These were some of the most god awful movies ever made, however, they were and still are immensely popular. It epitomizes the formula, it's so bad it's good. There are quite a few movies, with a low budget, which are pretty decent today. Not alot, but there are. 4. I couldn't agree more! 3. While there were alot of decent acting back then, the original Friday the 13th has some god awful acting. They just tried too hard. Which isn't a bad thing, they wanted it and it's still enjoyable to watch. But if you're going to be an over the top actor, at least do it with theater acting! 2. Omg, you speak the truth! 1. Couldn't agree more! Although, I'd like to point out, in the original Friday the 13th, teen sex was a big part of the reason for the killing spree in the first place.

Honestly I think the terrible graphics of the older horror movies, think a night mare on elm street, is what made them so amazing

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