5 Reasons Why I Love Werewolves ...


5 Reasons Why I Love Werewolves ...
5 Reasons Why I Love Werewolves ...

I just wrote a blog on 5 reasons why I love vampires and since I like both Edward and Jacob, I decided that I would write a blog on 5 reasons why I love werewolves. You know, to please all of you werewolf fans out there.

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You Can Pet Them

When they turn into wolf form, you can pet them. I still think that was cute in Eclipse how Bella was able to pet Jacob on the head. That scene was priceless.


They’re Strong

Have you ever saw a werewolf up close? Probably not and if you have, you probably do not want to admit it on here. People might think you’re crazy. However, werewolves are very strong. They have a lot of power in their bodies.


You Don’t Have to Be a Werewolf

Thinking from a Twilight perspective, in order to be with the werewolf, you do not have to become a werewolf and be a part of their pack. However, with a vampire, you should turn into a vampire or there is not going to be any sex! You will always have to worry about being attacked when you bleed.


Werewolves Are Warm

Yes, we all learned just how warm werewolves were in the Eclipse scene. Did you see it when Jacob had to get in the tent with Bella and keep her warm? He couldn’t even control his thoughts! When you’re cold, if you have a werewolf near, they will be able to keep you warm.


They Don’t Drink Blood

Many of you probably cannot get over the fact that vampires drink blood. With a werewolf, you do not have to watch them drink blood. They eat normal, human food! Mind you, they WILL clean your refrigerator out, so be warned.

There you have 5 reasons why I love werewolves. Now, it’s your chance to tell me why you love werewolves so much.

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