5 Reasons Why I Love Vampires ...

Does it seem to you that women fantasize more over vampires than men fantasize over strippers? Vampires are pretty cool and I actually prefer them over regular humans. I know, I had to say it. Whether they exist or not, I still like the thought of it. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons why I love vampires so much …

5. Their Teeth

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Oh come on, tell me you do not like their teeth! Their teeth would be a big turn on. It gives their mouth a nice structure. When they’re mad, you can tell, because their teeth start showing more. Neat, right?

4. Their Moves

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You have to admit that they have some pretty awesome moves! In only a matter of seconds, they will be across the room. I wish I could move that fast!

3. They Will Love You Forever and Ever

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With a Vampire, they are all about eternity. When they fall in love with you, they are going to love you forever and ever. These creatures do not die, unless they were to be stabbed in the chest with a stake or broken in half and burned.

2. They Have Power

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Is someone bothering you? That’s fine, because you have a vampire in your life! Vampires have special powers and they can definitely teach those bullies a lesson, without even shedding any blood in the process.

1. They Dress Well

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I always like the type of clothes they wear. They’re not like the normal guys. It seems for a vampire, there is no shade of ugly.

There you have 5 reason why I love vampires. What about you? Why do you love them? Give me 2 reasons why you love them. Oh, do you hate them? Then give me 2 reasons why you hate them.

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