5 Reasons Twilight is the Bomb ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons Twilight is the Bomb ...

I am a big Twilight fan. Of course, many of you probably already know this, because if I weren’t, I would not be writing these blogs. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons Twilight is the bomb.

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5 The Vampires Sparkle

I have said this many times before and I just have to say it again! I love how the vampires sparkle in the book/movie. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like this idea? It’s never been done before, not like this.

4 The Love

In this book/movie, I can definitely feel the love between Bella and Edward. It’s the type of love every girl wishes for. It is the type of love that cannot be broken, no matter how hard someone may try.

3 The Cullen Family

Is there any family that is as close as the Cullen family is? The thing with this family is that they aren’t even blood related. They all come from different places and yet, they all seem to get along just fine.

2 Werewolves and Vampires

I know, there have been movies made with vampires and werewolves in them, but no story quite like this has ever been published. You just have to read it/watch it to understand what I am talking about. I do not want to give any spoilers right now.

1 No Detailed Sex Scenes

There is one thing I do not like about vampire movies, they always seem to bring sex in it. Sure, we understand, but do you have to base it on sex? I think Twilight is the bomb because teens can watch it and their parents are not going to care.

Those are my 5 reasons Twilight is the bomb. Of course, I am interested in hearing your reasons why you think Twilight is the bomb.

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