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5 Reasons to like Voodoo ...

By Melanie

It’s time to talk about the powers of voodoo and what it can benefit you. Voodoo can be good and could be bad if used from the wrong person. I’m sure you watched a few movies about voodoo, like chucky. Now it’s time to hear 5 Reasons To Like Voodoo…

5 Voodoo Love Spell

Do you have a crush on someone and their blind not to see you’re the one? Well, use a voodoo love spell on them. This spell will make them love you no matter what. However, watch out voodoo is not all fun and games. They could love you to much..

4 Voodoo Protection Spell

This spell protects you from other voodoo magic. This can shield you from the powers of voodoo being done on you.

3 Voodoo Soul Transformation

Voodoo can be powerful in the wrong person’s hands. It’s hard to believe their could be a soul transformation to another host, but there has been weird cases of this.

2 Voodoo Helps Keep Bad Spirits Away

Voodoo can be helpful to chase away bad spirits. However, there is bad voodoo that causes spirits to do evil things to others. The use of the protection spell can help keep the unwanted away.

1 Voodoo Doll

The voodoo doll is like a tool that controls your host. They can poke a needle in the heart and instantly kill the victim. This is known as bad voodoo.

Voodoo can be good, but also bad. Many people that study voodoo want to use it for healing the bad spirited. Voodoo is found around Jamaica, Africa and South America. Bad spirits can be fought with the spells of Voodoo, but there is always a sacrifice or some sort of payback for using it. The blood of a chicken or goat is used for some spells. This is kind of grouse I say, but if it helps get rid of bad spirits then make it so. Do you think you like voodoo now?

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