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5 Reasons I like Unicorns ...

By Melanie

The unicorn is an elegant creature and there is no denying this one. They are truly something to feast your eyes on for many reasons. In the posting below, I am going to give you 5 reasons I like unicorns …

5 They’re Beautiful

The first reason I like unicorns is because they are beautiful. I am sure you do not blame me for this one. They are one of the most beautiful creatures that I have ever saw. I really wish these creatures existed – perhaps they did? At one point in time?

4 They’re Mysterious

I always have an eye for those things that are mysterious and the unicorn definitely deserves to be on the list of mysterious creatures. They could of existed before, we just don’t know it.

3 They Have a Cute Horn

Oh come on, don’t call me strange for saying this. I always liked the horn that is protruding straight out of the middle of the unicorns four-head. It is cute. Whenever I draw a unicorn, I always have to draw stars coming from the unicorns horn.

2 The Look in Their Eye

Have you ever saw the look in their eye? I know, you have never saw one up close, but look at them in books – they always seem to have a sparkle that I really like.

1 They Are Magical

As many of you know, I have an eye for magical creatures. This is one of my favorite creatures for this very reason.

So there you have it, 5 reasons I like unicorns. They’re beautiful, they’re mysterious, they have a cute horn, the look in their eye and they are magical. Oh yes, those are definitely 5 legit reasons. So, what about you, do you like this creature? Why or why not?

Top Photo Credit: pareeerica

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