5 Reasons the Book is Better than the Movie ...


5 Reasons the Book is Better than the Movie ...
5 Reasons the Book is Better than the Movie ...

I was amazed when Twilight came into print. I thought it was one of the most intriguing books I’d read in many years. When I heard that a movie was being made about the book, I was absolutely elated! The movie was great, but I still liked the book better. Here are my 5 reasons the book is better than the movie.

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No Missing Parts

One part that really pops into my head is the creation of Alice. The book definitely goes into finer detail as to where she came from, but the movie leaves her out. I think her story should have been included in the movie, since she’s such a key character in the entire story and throughout the series.


More into Bella’s Thoughts

Of course the book is written in first person, so we hear every little detail through Bella’s thoughts. I think getting details of how she felt when Edward shunned her during the beginning of school really draw the reader in. The movie had a few parts that lacked in comparison to the way Bella’s thought process worked in the book.


I Could Take My Time

I liked being able to read at my own pace and re-read scenes as many times as I wanted to. There just seems to be so much more that is missed out on when the book is squeezed into an hour and a half of action.


More Detailed

Of course, as with most books, it is a lot more detailed than the movie. I know they had to combine parts and shorten sequences up a bit, but they really lost quite a bit of good stuff. A lot of the situations and scenes were much more vibrant and detailed in the book. For instance, the van scene was much more graphic in the book and more dramatic than in the movie.


I Liked the Characters I Imagined

I almost didn’t watch the movies, because of the characters I had imagined from reading the book. Edward was paler, Jacob was taller, Bella was plainer, and I just had a certain mental image of everyone that I didn’t want to ruin by seeing the actors portraying them in the movie.

I think it’s common for a book to be more well-liked than the movie that follows it. Do you have a favorite book that was made into a movie that you found to be disappointing? What made the book better?

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