5 Reasons I Love Halloween ...


5 Reasons I Love Halloween ...
5 Reasons I Love Halloween ...

Pumpkin Spice

During this time, Starbucks has started to sell Pumpkin Spice lattes. I know, I’m weird, but hey, you got to love pumpkin spice lattes! They really do get you going.

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The Change

I love the change in the leaves. The leaves in my area are turning red, orange and brown right now. They definitely make for beautiful fall pictures.


The Air

I live in Florida, so I am definitely thankful for the cool down we are having right now. While it still reaches the 80’s, it is much better than the 100’s.



I really enjoy carving pumpkins with my daughter. I have my place all decked out with pumpkins right now. Yes, you could only imagine.


My Anniversary

My wedding anniversary is in October. I will be celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary on October 24, 2010.

There you have 5 reasons I love Halloween. If you follow my blogs, then by now, you already know just how much I enjoy Halloween because I have been talking about it a lot. So, do you like this time of the year?

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