5 Reasons Girls Love Edward ...


The minute Edward stepped out on the movie/book scene, girls went wild. Girls across the globe wanted a boy that was just like Edward. Wait, no, they wanted Edward, himself. However, he doesn’t exist. He is merely a character from a book –he does, however, exist in our minds. Here are 5 reasons girls love Edward …

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He’s Funny

Yes, I think a guy that is funny is definitely attractive. I think this is one of the main reasons as to why girls love Edward so much.


He’s Old Style

Some girls may be annoyed by his old style. However, there are other girls out there that totally dig the way Edward is set back in the day. Personally, I like how he is set back in the day.


He Shows Respect

For being a vampire, he definitely has a great deal of respect. I never really thought of vampires as being respectful. Then, here comes Edward, marching up to us like the gentleman that he is, sweeping many girls off of their feet.


He Has a Nice Car

I have to say, I like cars. I don’t just like the way they look, but I also like what is under the hood. Edward has a nice car on the inside and outside. I believe it definitely suits him and I think it draws a great deal of attention from girls to him. What do you think?


He’s Smart

I have to say that Edward is one smart cookie! What doesn’t he know? It seems that he knew a lot. I do not know about you, but I always had a thing for smart guys.

Yes, those are my 5 reasons girls love Edward. I know girls, I forgot to put that he is cute, but you should know that not everything is based on looks. Besides, why would I put the obvious? So, why do you like Edward? Why do you not like him?

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