5 Reasons Why I Would like to Have a Dragon for a Pet ...


5 Reasons Why I Would like to Have a Dragon for a Pet ...
5 Reasons Why I Would like to Have a Dragon for a Pet ...

Reptiles are one of my favourite types of pets to have, besides dogs of course. Dragons are huge reptiles that fly, breath fire and eat tons of red meat. So, I would like to present to you these 5 Reasons Why I Would Like To Have A Dragon For A Pet…

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Dragons Fly

Dragons can fly at fast speeds and can carry you like a horse. They can take you where you want to go without a fee. Although, you might have to feed the beast, so it doesn’t eat you.


Dragons have long been a part of popular culture and fantasy, and many people dream of having one of their own. Owning a dragon as a pet may seem like an impossible dream, but there are actually quite a few reasons why having a dragon as a pet could be a great idea.

First of all, dragons are incredibly fast and agile flyers. They can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, and they can fly for hours at a time without getting tired. This means you could take your dragon for long trips and explore the world from the sky. They can also be trained to carry a human rider, so you could take your dragon for a ride and experience the thrill of flying.

Secondly, dragons are incredibly loyal and protective animals. They will protect their owners from danger and will never abandon them. Dragons are also incredibly intelligent, so they can be trained to perform a variety of tasks and tricks.

Thirdly, dragons are incredibly strong and can lift and carry heavy objects. This means they can be used to transport goods and materials, or even people, from one place to another.


They Fetch!

Dragons can fetch in mid air and you don’t have to worry about them falling on their backs. They can catch bones or maybe fetch your news paper from the printing line!


Just imagine the wow-factor when you're at the park and your scaly companion soars up to snaffle a frisbee. It's like having your personal acrobat who also doubles as a retriever! Plus, think of the time-saving benefits — sending your dragon to grab the morning paper or those letters might just become the best part of your day. And since they're quite intelligent creatures, you won't have to toss the same item a hundred times before they get it right — dragons are quick learners!


Perfect Guard Dog

Dragons would make a perfect guard dog! They can eat however messes with you or whoever enters your home unwanted. They can also help fight crime.. Image that!


Dragons, with their fierce and powerful nature, would make the perfect guard dog for any household. Not only are they capable of defending their owners against unwanted intruders, but they also possess the strength and agility to fight off potential threats. In addition, their ability to fly would give them an advantage in patrolling and keeping a watchful eye over the home. Furthermore, dragons are known for their sharp senses and intelligence, making them highly efficient in detecting and alerting their owners of any potential danger. With a dragon as a guard dog, one can feel safe and secure in their own home, knowing that their loyal and formidable companion has their back.


Instant Fire

Cave men would love to have a dragon for a pet, because fire comes easy with them. They just need to find some tinder and boom fire. They can also heat your house with a cosy fire.


Dragons are known for their ability to breathe fire, making them a desirable pet for cave men who needed fire for warmth, cooking, and protection. In addition to providing a quick and easy source of fire, dragons could also be trained to heat homes and provide a cozy atmosphere for their owners. This would have been especially beneficial during the colder months, when warmth was crucial for survival. Furthermore, dragons would have been a valuable asset for hunting, as they could use their fire-breathing abilities to cook food and ward off predators. Overall, having a dragon as a pet would have greatly improved the quality of life for cave men.



Most dragon stories will tell you that dragons are loyal to their masters and they will do anything to help them in the time of need. These loyal dragons make good companions and would be a nice friend.

If dragons were around and walking today, would we be flying around on our dragons and not driving cars? This would be a new approach to all new green transportation. Do you want to have a dragon as a pet?

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