5 Signs of Demon Possession ...

By Melanie

5 Signs of Demon Possession ...

Many of you reading this blog right now may not believe in demon possession. However, I need to warn you that this is alive and going. I am not going to get into the things that cause demon possession. Sometimes, it’s something you can’t help. However, I am going to give you 5 signs of demon possession that you need to watch for.

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5 Levitate

Oh yes, if someone is possessed by a demon, you may notice them levitating. This is certainly something that is scary. Imagine seeing your friend or family member, out of nowhere, floating through the air. That’s freaky.

4 Inhuman Strength

When an individual has been possessed by a demon, they may have inhuman strength. The demon is a very strong creature.

3 Read Your Mind

The individual may be able to tell what you are thinking. When someone is possessed by a demon, they have certain mind powers like this one. It’s something you should watch out for.

2 Multiple Voices

We learn this one from horror movies. When an individual is possessed by demons, there may be multiple voices coming from their body at one time. This one is freaky. Don’t you think?

1 Animals Scared

It always seems that animals sense things that humans are not able to sense. Out of nowhere, when someone’s animal becomes scared of them, this is a sign that they are possessed by a demon.

Those are 5 signs of demon possession that you need to look out for. If you notice these signs, then you need to seek help from a professional. Have any of you been to an exorcism?

Top image source: cryptic-sacrifice.deviantart.com

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