5 Ways to Identify a Vampire ...


5 Ways to Identify a Vampire ...
5 Ways to Identify a Vampire ...

For me, telling whether or not an individual is a vampire has always been easy. However, I know that some that do no have this experience may find it hard. This is why I am going to give you 5 ways to identify a vampire …

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Their Color

Generally, a vampire is going to appear in a pale color. Of course, there are other ways to identify a vampire and you should not rely solely on the color. However, vampires are not able to go out in the sun, which explains their pale, white color.


Vampires are often portrayed as having a pale, white complexion due to their inability to go out in the sun. This is because their skin is sensitive to UV rays, causing them to burn and potentially disintegrate. However, this is not the only way to identify a vampire. Other physical characteristics such as sharp fangs, red or glowing eyes, and an overall youthful appearance can also be signs of a vampire. Additionally, vampires are known to have a strong aversion to garlic and can transform into bats or other animals. These traits are commonly seen in popular vampire literature and media, such as the Twilight series.


They Love Coffins

Does the individual have an obsession with coffins? Perhaps you have noticed that they sleep in a coffin every night. This is a sign that they are a vampire. You can easily identify a vampire when they are sleeping in a coffin. I mean, this is not normal behavior.


Vampires are believed to be nocturnal creatures and often sleep in coffins during the day. They are also known to have an aversion to sunlight and have a heightened sensitivity to garlic and silver. Vampires are often associated with supernatural powers such as superhuman strength, shape-shifting, and the ability to transform into an animal. They are also known to possess hypnotic powers, allowing them to control the minds of their victims. Vampires are believed to feed on the blood of humans and animals and can be repelled by religious symbols such as the cross or holy water. Vampires can be identified by their pale skin, red eyes, and pointed teeth. They are also believed to be immortal and can only be killed by a wooden stake through the heart.


Taste for Blood

A good way to identify a vampire would be their thirst for blood. When you drop some blood on the floor, if the individual looks at it in a wanting manner, then that is a pretty good sign.


Another way to identify a vampire is through their heightened sense of smell. They are able to detect the scent of blood from a far distance and may even be drawn to it. In addition, vampires have a strong aversion to garlic and holy objects, which can also be a telltale sign. They may also have pale skin, sharp fangs, and an aversion to sunlight. However, it is important to note that not all vampires exhibit these physical traits and some may be able to control their urges for blood. It is always best to approach with caution and not solely rely on stereotypes when trying to identify a vampire.


Funeral Homes

Why is it that the person likes funeral homes so much? Could it be the fact that they are really a vampire? Perhaps. It’s certainly a good way to identify them.


Funeral homes can be a great place to spot a vampire, as they are often drawn to the darkness and the stillness of the atmosphere. Vampires may even take advantage of the darkness to feed on the recently deceased. Some other signs that a person may be a vampire can include having pale skin, avoiding sunlight, and having a preference for only drinking blood. It is important to note that these signs may not necessarily mean a person is a vampire, but they can be useful indicators. Additionally, vampires tend to have an aversion to garlic, religious symbols, and mirrors, so these can be helpful clues when trying to identify a vampire.



Okay, when you think of vampires, besides blood, what is it that you think of? I think of their big, white attractive teeth. The teeth always gives the vampire away.

Those are 5 ways to identify a vampire. So, what do you think? Are you able to identify a vampire now that you know how

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Look guys.... I'm pale as 'all get out' (as my grandma puts it) and I have fairly pointy canines but I'm not a vampire. (Despite the rumors at school)

I am not a vampire. But I do have a love for coffins and blood. However, I do know vamps and other "unusual" (yeah we are relatively common) creatures. And no, most vamps don´t give a cookie about coffins or funeral homes. Just wanted to point that out.

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