5 Ways to Identify a Vampire ...

For me, telling whether or not an individual is a vampire has always been easy. However, I know that some that do no have this experience may find it hard. This is why I am going to give you 5 ways to identify a vampire …

5. Their Color

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Generally, a vampire is going to appear in a pale color. Of course, there are other ways to identify a vampire and you should not rely solely on the color. However, vampires are not able to go out in the sun, which explains their pale, white color.

4. They Love Coffins

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Does the individual have an obsession with coffins? Perhaps you have noticed that they sleep in a coffin every night. This is a sign that they are a vampire. You can easily identify a vampire when they are sleeping in a coffin. I mean, this is not normal behavior.

3. Taste for Blood

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A good way to identify a vampire would be their thirst for blood. When you drop some blood on the floor, if the individual looks at it in a wanting manner, then that is a pretty good sign.

2. Funeral Homes

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Why is it that the person likes funeral homes so much? Could it be the fact that they are really a vampire? Perhaps. It’s certainly a good way to identify them.

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Okay, when you think of vampires, besides blood, what is it that you think of? I think of their big, white attractive teeth. The teeth always gives the vampire away.

Those are 5 ways to identify a vampire. So, what do you think? Are you able to identify a vampire now that you know how

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