5 Spooky Icons ...


5 Spooky Icons ...
5 Spooky Icons ...

It is time for me to tell you 5 spooky icons. Sure, you may not agree with these, bu these are all in my opinion.

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In real life, I used to be afraid of spiders. How did I get over this fear? Well, I got over it by learning and reading more about spiders. Then, after this, I purchased a big old hairy tarantula. Yikes, right? Well, he wasn’t scary to me and now, I appreciate them. However, they are still a spooky icon in my book.



When I go to the zoo in Jacksonville, I always like to stop in at the bat castle. I always say I could live in this castle, because it is so spooky looking. It is definitely an icon that is on my spooky list. They’re mysterious creatures that have a lot of exciting details behind them.



Oh yes, the cobra is definitely a spooky icon in my book. Did you know I am a big fan of reptiles? But I am not sure if I could get around a cobra in real life – when there isn’t glass between us.


Goat Sucker

Yes, the good old goat sucker is definitely a spooky icon. I have studied this creature for many years. All I have to say is the truth is out there.



The number one spooky icon in my book is the vampire. The vampire is also one of my favorites.

So, what do you think about these 5 spooky icons on my list? Do any of you like them? Which one is your favorite?

Top image source: dethjunkie.tumblr.com

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