5 Things from the Wiccan Rede You Need to Pay Attention to ...


The Wiccan Rede is a declaration of the moral laws of the Wicca Neopagan religion which is a religion based on witchcraft. This is a behavior conduit for the people who follow this faith. It says the Wiccans can do anything they wish as long as they don’t harm others or themselves in the process…

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The Threefold Law

This law says that any action that a Wiccan does in his life, good or bad, it always returns to the author to make him suffer or to give him the benefits, but the action is multiplied by three. So this means whatever you do comes back to you tripled…”What goes around comes around” says the American.


”an It Harm None, do as Ye Will”

This is from the text of The Threefold Law , it is written in old English, it says that witches are not ment to do any kind of physical or psychic damage to others because they are in deep knowledge of the laws in the Universe and all life , planets, stars interconnect.


Respect People’s Free Will

As an example to force a person to enter in a relationship in which they don’t want to be means to affect that person’s free choice. This shows there is no love involved in a witch that makes a love spell like that. In order to obtain that partner’s love back we have to give ourselves, this is the correct way.


Don’t do Spells on Others without Their Permission

The same free will things apply here too, even in a witch does a healing spell on somebody without asking his acceptance means that Wiccan did harm to the person. These laws make you responsible for your own actions.


Adhere to These Laws

If you want to truly become a witch, you must fully embrace the Law, because it was written in pure love, you should show love to others and look at them with love, the way you watch can make them think positive or negative, know how to listen to others, don’t make quick assumptions, speak less.

Pay attention to the Wiccan Rede, it’s something beautiful , is it so that these teaching seem familiar? They do resemble to other religious texts.

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My friend tried to ignore these rules and tried to curse the prom queen by giving her acne. It was the funniest thing that I had ever seen!

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