5 Tips on Relaxing before Meditation ...

Meditating is fun, but it can be hard, when you do not have enough mind power to do it. When times are tough, you can use these 5 tips on relaxing before meditation. These are techniques I use when I need to relax.

5. Tense and Relax

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When you are trying to clear your mind for meditation, you should try tensing and relaxing your muscles. When you are tensing them, imagine how good it is going to feel when you finally get to relax them – then relax them and see how good it feels.

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One word β€œWoods.” Do you realize how peaceful the woods are? I have said this many times and I am saying it again – the woods offer peace and serenity. There is nothing like sitting there, relaxing and listening to the sound of birds and other animals.

3. Don’t Think about Work

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Most of all, when you are trying to relax before meditation, you should not think about work. Thinking about work is not going to help you relax your mind. In fact, you should no think about anything that is going to upset you.

2. Read Your Favorite Blogs

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Do you know what I do before I relax? I read. If you enjoy reading blogs, then try reading some of your favorite one.

1. Drink Green Tea

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Green tea always helps me to relax before meditation. Some say that it has a bad taste to it, but I actually like it. At first, I did not like it, but after awhile, I got used to the taste of it.

Those are 5 tips on relaxing before meditation. I definitely recommend you doing these tips before you even try to meditate. They will help give you more concentration. Do you have any other tips you would like to add in here?

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