5 Ways to Avoid the Undead ...


5 Ways to Avoid the Undead ...
5 Ways to Avoid the Undead ...

If there was an outbreak of zombies running the streets, this guide would be helpful! The Undead desire human flesh and will stop at nothing to get it. This means killing you in the process. So, let’s give you my 5 Ways to Avoid The Undead…

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Climb a Tree

The Undead has lost all control over their body, which means their motor skills. They can’t climb very well and will never get you in a tree. However, you might be stuck in the tree for a while, because they don’t care about the time.


Avoid Alleyways

Zombies love the alleyways to cities and they will corner you and eat your brain. You can move more freely in the streets or in the open. This is if they were zombies in a big city or town.


Move Fast

The Undead are quiet slow and can only move as fast as they can wobble. If you run or think fast, you will avoid being eating by these undead creatures.


Stay Away from the City

If you live in the city and an outbreak decided to happen, you might want to get out of that city as soon as possible. Millions of people are going to be turned into the undead and feast on your flesh. You can go to a remote island or country to get away from the situation. This would be for a little while anyways.


Barricade Yourself in a Bunker

Bunkers do what they do best, they give a place for soldiers to hide and get refreshed. You should find a military outpost and try to hold out by starting a new world on a base. They have plenty of supplies and guns to keep you going. They also have tall fences and keep intruders from coming in.

The undead will rise one day when the depths of the underworld gets full of souls and dead spirits, so they say in story books. Do you think zombies will be around one day?

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