5 Ways to Look like a Twilight Vampire ...

By Melanie

Since the release of Twilight, I know there are many girls out there that have idols that are vampires. Many enjoy Twilight and I am one of them. While I am not completely obsessed with them and I know when to stop reading and watching the movie after one time, I still like them. With that, I am going to give you 5 ways to look like a Twilight vampire …

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Put Glitter on

If you are trying to look like a vampire that is from Twilight, then you have to have that sparkle to you. The other day, I was in a store in the mall and I came across actual glitter that was made for Twilight fans. Being a Twilight fan myself, I was tempted to buy it as was my daughter – however, we have glitter at home in the makeup cabinet.


Dress Fancy

Vampires from Twilight definitely dress fancy, so I recommend that you do the same thing. Dress in something that is plain, but is still cute.


Walk Gracefully

Have you ever stopped and watched the way the characters on Twilight walk? Of course you have! You have even read how they walk. They walk gracefully now don’t they? Well, if you want to be like a Twilight vampire, you need to learn how to walk gracefully.


Leave Your Hair Flowing and Natural

Twilight characters seem to leave their hair flowing and natural. When it is possible, you should do this.


Keep Makeup Natural

Do you see Bella running around with makeup that does not look natural? No, her makeup, along with the other girls on Twilight look natural. So, you should keep your makeup looking natural.

Those are 5 ways to look like a Twilight vampire. Surely, you will be able to look like a Twilight vampire by following these tips. Do you want to add something?

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Ah < twilight, Thats so Last year.

Ahh, Twilight. To each their own I suppose.

First of all, vampires do not sparkle. They burst into flames if they go into sunlight. Second, vampires are ugly, bloodsucking monsters, not gay faeries. IDIOTS.

We do not SPARKLE!