5 Facts on 2012 ...


5 Facts on 2012 ...
5 Facts on 2012 ...

Many people know about the year 2012 and the Mayan calendar, the prophecies of different cultures about this period of time, great changes that are about to happen. Will it be a catastrophic event or a change of consciousness we don’t know. Here are 5 facts on this…

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The Earth Magnetic Poles Shifting

This event occurs right now, once with the alignment of our sun with the center core of our galaxy. This has been seen by the scientific world and is known to cause major changes on our planet.


The Photon Belt

This is a band containing very small light particles that passes through the center of our galaxy. As we enter the year 2012 our plant and solar system will be right into that belt. This will raise our cosmic consciousness and will give us love and good vibrations.


The Universal Cycles

The year 2012 is the end of many ancient civilizations calendars or cycles of twenty six thousand years and the passing in another sign of the zodiac, from Pisces to Aquarius. This means that the era of religions is over and the age of spirituality begins.


The Awakening

Many say this year or the period around it will bring mankind awakening to its true nature, the spiritual one. It is said that this is one of the most important moments in our evolution as souls. We are lucky that we incarnated in this time and place.


The Planet Nibiru

The year 2012 is also associated with the coming in our solar system of an alien planet called Nibiru or planet X. In the work of Zecharia Stitchin we find that this planet belongs to the Anunnaki, the gods that created us, and this would be their return.

About the year 2000 many things have been spoken and nothing happened. But 2012 seem to have more significance : a Third World War, the Apocalypse, a shift in consciousness, and so on. Are you afraid of this year? Time will show us exactly what our fate is…

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